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De designafdeling bij Land Rover heeft niet stil gezeten. (de marketingafdeling ook niet precies)

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we brake for fish

1 April : laat je niet vangen.

Bron : Americaanse advertentiecampagne ten tijde van de Range Rover Classic.
Dit was de copytekst :

“We brake for fish.
Would you like to experience a Range Rover under optimum conditions?
Just add water.
A Range Rover can wade through depths that would immobilize a mere car.
And provide the added traction of 4-wheel drive in a downpour.
What’s all the more extraordinary, though, is that a Range Rover isn’t a vehicle you’ll want to save for a rainy day.
Because on a dry road, it handles like a road car.  And on a test track, it surges along at roughly 100 mph.
It even surrounds you with all the comfort and luxury of a luxury car.
So why not call 1-800-FINE-4WD for the name of a dealer convenient to you?
While, at a cost somewhat above $30,000, a Range Rover is hardly inexpensive, it’s well worth the price.
After all, when you buy one you’re not simply buying an ordinary 4-wheel drive vehicle.
You’re converting your money into a liquid asset.”